Wednesday, March 09, 2005

D News

Is downtown walkway a safeplace? I rather think not. It's a risky place to be walking at night time when your alone. Because their are not that much people around. Recently I heard that someone got jump and got their money stolen by a thief. The person did not know what to do. I myself would just give the money and run. I have not been jump before but I almost did many times. But I just tell the person to calm down and they would listen sometimes. I do not like to out late anymore. But I notice when I walk to the movies with my sister and her boyfriend we get stock by cars that want to try to pick us up so we end hurrying back to our place. It can get pretty crazy at time Downtown. You just never know someone might be stocking down for no particular reason. Post your comments... Gallup, UNM Campus- I am here right now in KGLP radio. Bosler is having a interview with Gallup Herald. Dad is making a call.