Sunday, February 12, 2006

Virtual girlfriend

I was just bored out of my mind. I download some chat program that got me in to this 3d dimension world. It was boring and girl there told me about I decided to check it out. And it was pretty cool. A place to socialize with other people around the world. It was free. But there was a cost to buy clothes and items with real money. I didn't buy in. I like playing with the air board. I had fun making out with virtual girls online. It look like the sims. I had a virtual girl for 3 days and then she broke up with me. It felt real. I was heartbroken. She said I wasn't fun. Not only that I kind of made a mistake by makingout with a guy and then dancing with him.Haha....I got tired of it after a while. I don't get how people can waste there money in the vitual world buying items and houses. I took the game out of my computer. I think it better to be in the real world if you want meet someone. Its a crazy world out there.


This weekend I didn't do much. I try to get my homework done but couldn't. I been going to the library everyday. I was wondering why the library close so 700pm on saturday but it just stay open all day everyday. I like hangout over there. I haven't gotten much sleep yet. My right eye has been getting really red. I been going to bed at 6:00 am in the morning. Why?cause of myspace and downloading. I just can't go to bed and i feel like i been eating a lot too. My left eye is a little red still. I will try to get some sleep. I didn't go to my bio yestesday cause I was so tired. I still have an essay that due tomorrow and so far I haven't got that far with it. Dominique Kien's Facebook profile

I got me the IPOD

And now I feel like dancing when im listening to it. My friend is so jealous of me. He got a real small ipod. Just listening to my ipod. I was tuneout from this world. I didn't want to listen to what was happening. Just like feeling lost from reality by being on the internet the whole time and kissing a 3d graphic girl on

Red Eye Review

So I went to go see "Red Eye", I saw it for $2. Another West Carven movie. I didn't really like it. I think West lost his style after he was done with freddy. Rachel McAdams didn't seem to be scared in this movie at all even when she cry like a baby. She didn't really get hurt just knock ***out. I think movies are starting to just use threats as something scary. When its not even scary. I like to see more blood in movies. Where's the blood? like I am some vampire. Come on West where's the thrill?where's the horror? The 80's are dead.:(

so this is goodbye

I don't know how long I'll be in flagstaff. This maybe my last. I met so many friends. Parts of me already miss them now that there leaving for xmas but soon enough I'll see them again. I wanted to take a picture but I just was to shy and worried to say anything whats wrong with me. I just hope to see them again. I know I didn't do well in one of my classes but still I could be here if I wanted to. So get yourself pack up and leave I feel alone again. Going back to Gallup I know I won't but what is there to do in that dead old town. I miss ya all the time we spend going camping and getting to know you. I hope to see you again.

I dream of Boston

I heard of Berkley of Music in Boston. That is where all the famous musicians go. Berkley sounds like a fine school. But you got to audition to go to school first. I plan on doing that soon. Berkley would be an awesome school to see. People say it not a easy school to get into. My friend said I think they wouldn't accept our kind music. I would still try it out. The Art of letter here in flagstaff doesn't seem to excite me that much. Berkley would be a great place to get my music going somewhere. I am not really into to classical at moment i just don't care much for it. I know sometime soon i'll be in Boston.

A cold winter day

On a Tueday, In the morning I got up and call the registar office and told them to drop my class bio. I felt that the class was to much reading. It wasn't really hard class but who knows. I just need to be more into my other classes. I am not doing to good in music. I am getting it little by little everyday. I need to practice more. I had class at 5-9pm tonight. Man, was it cold I was frozing outside riding my bike up the hill with no jacket. I just don't want to get sick so I hurried up the hill frozen. I heard its almost time for the snow to come to flagstaff. Well, I better be ready. Which reminds me the time my parents would throw me outside naked into the snow. It exactly felt good to be naked in the snow. I remember in Alaska I saw some girls sleeping in the snow. I made up a song about a girl I like sleeping in the snow. It sounds pretty good.


midnight sky I lay myself into the cold wet grass I am under a small tree Looking up into the stars I am waiting for you I am waiting for you God Where are you Why wont you Answer me I pray To God that I will prevail and I will not fail but succeed I should just froze myself here in the cold dark night I will froze myself from all of you Coming back in from another century I am not that cold laying here under a tree Tree I want to climb up and live underneath the stars Nobody see me Nobody hears me Tall trees crowd me Shadows fellow me Under the midnight sky frozen in time warp I look right at you. And you ask me whats up? I am suprize by your curiosity nevorous to say anyting I am lost in your blue eyes As I stand right by you I feel this connection coming in between us We are as one I want you don't you know you are part of me I would do anything for you I would jump off a mountain,a rooftop,a plane but still that would not be enough for you I know you love him and not me I am just your friend I have this passion for you and me is it real?is not real? I see you in my dream disappering fading away you crying your black tears away I just had to tell you how I felt deep inside cause you were leaving this town And I felt this would be the last time I would see you frozen in time warp IN MY DORM Here I am alone in my dorm. It is dark and warm. I sit here nothing to do. My dorm has a window you can look strait down where you can see the tall green grass that swallows the day . People heads walking up down the pathway. Where do they go out at night. When it is 60 below. Who knows. I see a the moon and the stars Winter time wet leafs, wet shoes,wet my pants as I ride my bike to my dorm the smell of fall is here bright lights shine at me Girl screams and drops a fork I in my room sitting down here noises someone talking my batteryies fall to the floor pumpkins smile at me i hear someone walking INTO As I wake to the Union I see you outside You eating your icecream on a winter cold night As I watch you eat I want to tell how I feel about you then the icecream fall down on to the ground Let me get that for you oh its to late it fallen she picks it up we start to talk and go into the Union myself in my gray hood staring at her I wondering if she has any interest in me I see her smile at me with those huge gazing eyes I want to tell how feel She turns and talk to her other friends I stand there not knowing what to say what can I say? How was your day? She says it was great I said I just stay inside all day. I look at her and then she says good bye not knowing how to say good bye As I walk to the Union