Thursday, October 19, 2006

Internet wars may happen

I just read recently that the internet will be taken over by phone companies. We are already taking over by cellphones. Why do we need to be charge tax on the internet? We might soon have to pay to be online to view a site. So right now you better take all the free internet time you have on your hands. Cause you will face I got charge by the internet. It seem like today everyone can afford DSL today. Dial-up is dead. And if you have dial-up I feel sorry for you. And it seem like everyone has cable. I have a dish network with so many channels and there is nothing on expect that show Flavor of Love my mom watches. Phone companies like Verzion, Comcast and AT&T want to charge us big bucks by using the intenet. Now let's take a stand and make the internet free for everyone. To learn more information how this will affect us internet users go to this website save the internet