Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Jerry trys out for the Snowboarding team

Jerry Goes Snowboarding - Amazing videos are here

The Alaska Sled Ride

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Cute Dog at the Door

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Snowy Gets Scared Of The Squeaky Toy

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My sister on the Cellphone

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Jerry goes Snowboarding for the first time

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MoonKnights Playing At The Saturday Market In Alaska

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TMNT VS. ZOMBIES - Free videos are just a click away

Sleding Live Down A Hill

Sleding Live Down A Hill - Funny bloopers are a click away

Dog Wants To Go Outside

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sleding Down A Icy Hill

Sleding Down A Icy Hill - The best free videos are right here

Newbie Snowboarding

Newbie Snowboarding - The best home videos are here

Snowboarder Falls Down

Snowboarder Falls Down - The most popular videos are a click away

Giving Dog A Treat

Giving Dog A Treat - More amazing videos are a click away

Hockey Brawl in Alaska

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Following my cute dog Snowy :)

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Halloween Day with my dog Snowy

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Sea Gulls In Chugiak, Alaska

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Gameover on Resident Evil

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Truck Catches on Fire in Alaska

Truck On Fire In Alaska - The best video clips are right here

Monday, July 02, 2007

Would you like to get your music promoted???

I have been working with music for 10years and I know what to do. I can tell what places not to go and how you can get ready for a show. I play in coffeehouse,bars,outside,infrontofabigcrowd,concerts and alot more. I will go the distance to getting you a show. I keep on looking for one. As a musician I know it is hard to find a gig and a band. I know bands here in Alaska and there are some on myspace. I know them. I have added some my music on itunes and other sites. I will make your music on sites,blogs,ads,word,graphicarts,posters,ads,radio,podcast and etc. I will give you the full package. My full package ranges from $100-200. Its not that bad. And its only for one year. You won't have to worry about paying anymore. I know my Dad work for kglp and he will put your music on the station. My Dad is working on being in a movie soon. I have met some movie stars and musician who have made it big time. I been to LA,AZ,AK and New Mexico. I will record your music put it on youtube,yahoo and other video applications. To add me to your my space go to I will do what you ask. Just send me a sample of your music and bio. Send me your music bio,coverletter,where you play,what you play and etc.. Good luck to all! P.s I will leave no musician behind

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dominique Kien will be live at Anchorage Satuday Market

I will be playing this JUNE 24 until JULY 8 at Anchorage Saturday Market downtown. For more info go to

My yahoo video is no longer on Tom Green site What happen here? I do not know? I had my yahoo video of me on here and now it has been taking over by yahoo. What the heck?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rosie hated Trump

What on TV today. Just a bunch of crap. There nothing good on but I do love family guy and desperate housewife's. Those are the only shows I will watch. I don't like any others shows. I am tired of seeing Rosie and Trump fighting. Come on get a life. There just looking to make it on CNN. Everyone wants to be on CNN. I believe Rosie and Trump get paid a lot to fight on TV. This is where the money is at. This is where our eyes see it as entrainment. It has gone bad enough as the Jerry Springer Show where he has nothing but actors fighting and fat chicks going wild. Rosie has lost her mind by being in that show the View. Its just talk talk talk. I thought she was cool when she had her show. But now she just wants more attention. That what all famous people want. Because they need the money. Well, your famous already why not use your money to help people? Why can't we all just get along? Why can't Trump help more people out. He just makes his reality show a place for people to feel a shame. He so rich he wants to take the world over with his name. I think his show is just a waste. Of course, I think all these reality shows are waste of time and money. But that is where the money is at and that is what people are looking for. They wants something that is real. So they won't have to find it outside. They can watch right there on there 32'inch HDTV Flat screen with Surround Sound. Why watch news with that. Why not watch some cool action movies like "Smoking Aces", that movie was awesome. I really enjoy the story line how it all fit in. I think Rosie's needs to take it easy. Why not get a man who can calm you down and stop the fighting. Sounds like there both jealous of each other. Why should Trump care he got billion and billion of dollars. He probably doesn't even have to pay taxes. He got it all. Why let that bring him down. Is it because he use to be friends with Rosie? Well, Trump all I can say is you can take a dump on Rosie show and that will bring you more money than suing her. By the way give me a little and I'll shut up. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nightlife is a zombie life

At night time we go out and try to have some fun. And when I go to clubs at night. What do I see? People acting like zombies. Your meet person and then next day when you call them they don't know who are. I remember everyone and nighttime. I am a sober person. Most people are drunk. But even the sober ones can be forgotful too. At night we are zombie out to eat brains . And in the morning we are human. Are you tired of the zombie life?

FACEBOOK is my new home

Facebook has gone far enough to where you can now sell your items and sell ads. Facebook is not just for college student but now for just everyone around the world. Well, almost the whole world. China and Japen don't have it yet. Facebook is good atmosphere to meet new friends and family. Facebook is now greater than ever with new features like ILIKE,SplashCast,Slide, Veoh and Fliptrack. There are many more applications that you can now use on Facebook. Facebook just lanch F8 and now you can make money by selling your own items or putting up ads for other companies. Its the Facebook Revolution! Are you ready??? to make a better internet experience like nobody else?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Big Mama House 2 Review

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MAMMA back in the house(Big Mama House2) I have to say martin lawerance is still funny. He trying to be like eddie. I thought the movie was heart warming. It wasn't good as the first one. Took a longtime to come to the funny part. The beginning was slow but later it started to get funny. So this is a good movie to see with your parents.

Batman Begins Review

I AM BATMAN(Batman Begins) More like I am fatman. What did they do to batman? I always love batman 1 &2 with Michael Keaton. The new batman I did not like it to much because batman looks fat in the movie. The actor i did not like. I thought it was kewl that he learn martial arts and stuff. The new villian was kewl. I think the best part is when batman says, "I am batman". I just laugh at that part. '~'

Monday, January 22, 2007

Pan Labyrinth Review

4 stars! If you like foreign films and scary monsters. Then you got to see this movie. Pan Labyrinth starts of with girl who thought she saw a fairy. Its not like a fairy tale. Its a twisted story mix up with the real world and fantasy world. What I like most about it was how the whole story went together at the end. I won't tell you what in the movie cause I think you got to see for yourself. It did scare me with the guy who has eyes in his hands. The effects in the movie are amazing. I feel like I reading myself a bedtime story. Is this movie good for my kids? well it is rated "R". Its got some violence but still a good movie. I think this movie would be good to see with your girlfriend. She will be holding tight one that monster comes out with his eyes balls on his hand. Ahhhhh...

Monday, January 08, 2007

How bad do you want a Wii System???

I sure do. I wanted one for this christams but I didn't get it from Santa. I have $200 dollars right now. I just need the $50. Gosh, we all want the Wii system just as bad as Cartman did in South Park. I mean who doesn't want one? There no way I am throwing $600 dollars for a PS3. I don't really care how much hd it has. Who has Hd anyways? I look at the Wii system as got to have. Its way different then what your mom may think. I believe its worth it. So what can we do if we didn't get a Wii for x-mas. We can try winning a Wii. I try to on Gamefly but didn't win. But here is another way of winning a Wii. Go to this sitefree wii console! Good Luck! Let's not fall in to trap like Cartman did with the time machine.