Thursday, January 25, 2007

Big Mama House 2 Review

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MAMMA back in the house(Big Mama House2) I have to say martin lawerance is still funny. He trying to be like eddie. I thought the movie was heart warming. It wasn't good as the first one. Took a longtime to come to the funny part. The beginning was slow but later it started to get funny. So this is a good movie to see with your parents.

Batman Begins Review

I AM BATMAN(Batman Begins) More like I am fatman. What did they do to batman? I always love batman 1 &2 with Michael Keaton. The new batman I did not like it to much because batman looks fat in the movie. The actor i did not like. I thought it was kewl that he learn martial arts and stuff. The new villian was kewl. I think the best part is when batman says, "I am batman". I just laugh at that part. '~'

Monday, January 22, 2007

Pan Labyrinth Review

4 stars! If you like foreign films and scary monsters. Then you got to see this movie. Pan Labyrinth starts of with girl who thought she saw a fairy. Its not like a fairy tale. Its a twisted story mix up with the real world and fantasy world. What I like most about it was how the whole story went together at the end. I won't tell you what in the movie cause I think you got to see for yourself. It did scare me with the guy who has eyes in his hands. The effects in the movie are amazing. I feel like I reading myself a bedtime story. Is this movie good for my kids? well it is rated "R". Its got some violence but still a good movie. I think this movie would be good to see with your girlfriend. She will be holding tight one that monster comes out with his eyes balls on his hand. Ahhhhh...

Monday, January 08, 2007

How bad do you want a Wii System???

I sure do. I wanted one for this christams but I didn't get it from Santa. I have $200 dollars right now. I just need the $50. Gosh, we all want the Wii system just as bad as Cartman did in South Park. I mean who doesn't want one? There no way I am throwing $600 dollars for a PS3. I don't really care how much hd it has. Who has Hd anyways? I look at the Wii system as got to have. Its way different then what your mom may think. I believe its worth it. So what can we do if we didn't get a Wii for x-mas. We can try winning a Wii. I try to on Gamefly but didn't win. But here is another way of winning a Wii. Go to this sitefree wii console! Good Luck! Let's not fall in to trap like Cartman did with the time machine.