Monday, January 08, 2007

How bad do you want a Wii System???

I sure do. I wanted one for this christams but I didn't get it from Santa. I have $200 dollars right now. I just need the $50. Gosh, we all want the Wii system just as bad as Cartman did in South Park. I mean who doesn't want one? There no way I am throwing $600 dollars for a PS3. I don't really care how much hd it has. Who has Hd anyways? I look at the Wii system as got to have. Its way different then what your mom may think. I believe its worth it. So what can we do if we didn't get a Wii for x-mas. We can try winning a Wii. I try to on Gamefly but didn't win. But here is another way of winning a Wii. Go to this sitefree wii console! Good Luck! Let's not fall in to trap like Cartman did with the time machine.