Thursday, January 25, 2007

Big Mama House 2 Review

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MAMMA back in the house(Big Mama House2) I have to say martin lawerance is still funny. He trying to be like eddie. I thought the movie was heart warming. It wasn't good as the first one. Took a longtime to come to the funny part. The beginning was slow but later it started to get funny. So this is a good movie to see with your parents.

Batman Begins Review

I AM BATMAN(Batman Begins) More like I am fatman. What did they do to batman? I always love batman 1 &2 with Michael Keaton. The new batman I did not like it to much because batman looks fat in the movie. The actor i did not like. I thought it was kewl that he learn martial arts and stuff. The new villian was kewl. I think the best part is when batman says, "I am batman". I just laugh at that part. '~'