Monday, July 02, 2007

Would you like to get your music promoted???

I have been working with music for 10years and I know what to do. I can tell what places not to go and how you can get ready for a show. I play in coffeehouse,bars,outside,infrontofabigcrowd,concerts and alot more. I will go the distance to getting you a show. I keep on looking for one. As a musician I know it is hard to find a gig and a band. I know bands here in Alaska and there are some on myspace. I know them. I have added some my music on itunes and other sites. I will make your music on sites,blogs,ads,word,graphicarts,posters,ads,radio,podcast and etc. I will give you the full package. My full package ranges from $100-200. Its not that bad. And its only for one year. You won't have to worry about paying anymore. I know my Dad work for kglp and he will put your music on the station. My Dad is working on being in a movie soon. I have met some movie stars and musician who have made it big time. I been to LA,AZ,AK and New Mexico. I will record your music put it on youtube,yahoo and other video applications. To add me to your my space go to I will do what you ask. Just send me a sample of your music and bio. Send me your music bio,coverletter,where you play,what you play and etc.. Good luck to all! P.s I will leave no musician behind